British Virgin Islands (BVI) Offshore Company

BVI offshore company formation

Fincor Offshore specializes in the formation of offshore IBCs in the most lucrative spots in the world. We help incorporate companies from scratch in lucrative locations after thorough research of current practices, laws, taxation, regulations, and legal practices.

Fincor Offshore believes that the world is coming together and that the barriers to company formation in the rest of the world are breaking down. In order to make the most of these opportunities, we help connect business owners with the right sectors that will make for the most lucrative business opportunities.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, near Puerto Rico. This self governing country was formed in 1967, and is still a member of the British Commonwealth.

The recent introduction of the International Business Company Legislation in 1984 has made it the most popular offshore center for company formation in the world. There are currently more than 800,000 IBCs in the location, leading to the creation of a thriving economy and financial sector.

Why British Virgin Islands

Other than the International Business Companies Act, the Virgin Islands have taken many steps to turn itself into a lucrative opportunity for incorporation. This includes the recent Business companies Act.

In fact the legal system based on English Common law is one of the best in the world. Other than the annual government license fee, business owners aren’t liable to pay any taxes. Companies which fail to pay the annual fee, are then subject to penalties by the government.

In addition there are no restrictions or controls on the exchange of currency in and out of the country.

Benefits of Company formation in the British Virgin Islands

One of the most prominent benefits of the formation of a company in the British Virgin Islands is the short amount of time it takes to incorporate one. In the best circumstances, it can take as little as 3 days to form an entire company in the location.

Other benefits include:

  • Minimum requirement of one shareholder and director for the company
  • The director and shareholder can be the same person; there is no obligation for the director to also be the shareholder
  • Shareholders may either be corporate bodies or natural persons
  • Local shareholders or directors don’t need to be appointed
  • No resident secretaries are necessary
  • No currency restrictions on share issue
  • Shares can be issued with or without par value

Offshore Company Fees and Charges

SlužbaCena při registraci / Jednorázová platbaRoční platba
Založení společnosti ve Wyomingu, adresa, místní agent, poplatek vládě

Místní registrační poplatky
Vypracování dokumentů
Pronájem sídla na jeden rok
Pronájem sídla na jeden rok
Dokumenty elektronicky
13 900 Kč10 900 Kč
Příjem a přeposílání pošty (náklady na dopravu se platí zvlášť)8 900 Kč ročně
1 000 Kč měsíčně
8 900 Kč ročně
1 000 Kč měsíčně
Notářské ověření a apostilizace2 900 Kč
Doprava dokumentů do ČR2 500 Kč
Vypracování a podání Annual report2 500 Kč
Certificate of Incumbency vč. apostily vydaný registrátorem5 500 Kč
Virtual office 1 000 Kč / měsíc
Virtall office vč. telefonní linky1 750 Kč /měsíc