Seychelles offshore company

The Seychelles is one of the most popular offshore locations, an IBC (International Business Company) in the location is the most versatile option for businessmen around the world.

With minimum red tape surrounding the formation of a Seychelles IBC, the international corporation has the freedom to engage in all types of businesses and is not subject to tax. In fact no financial records have to be submitted to public files either.

Globally, Seychelles are clearly leading in the number of registered offshore companies. It’s the Seychelles 1994 Act (IBC Act), which governs the formation of the so-called International trading companies known as the IBC (International Business Company).
These companies enjoy many tax benefits and Seychelles became known as a tax haven. Currently, more then 150,000 companies are registered in the Seychelles and the number is growing. Every month, 500 more companies get registered.

Benefits of an Offshore Company

  • 0% income tax for companies – yes, international company registered in the Seychelles really pay no tax, except an annual fee of $ 100 to the government
  • anonymity of the company’s owners – the commercial register is not public and the names of the shareholders are not published anywhere
  • fast registration and a minimum of bureaucracy – the company can be established within 2-3 days
  • stable legal system that is only a minor burden to the company
  • the company’s accounts can be stored in any country, and do not have to be presented to local authorities
  • to establish a company, only one person is needed; this person will be in the role of a shareholder and a director of the offshore company
  • exemptions from government fees and revenue stamps for property transfers, transactions related to shares and bonds and other activities related to the company’s business

Nominee service

Nominee service is a service that ensures maximum possible anonymity of the company owners by appointing a local citizen to be the director of a company, or its shareholder.

Nominee Director

As a statutory body (director) he is appointed by us and he acts as director of a company. This person is listed on all official documents of the company (and possibly on contracts etc.). Nominee Director is appointed on the basis of a contract about the provision of nominee directors, but he cannot act on the behalf of the company without consent. He always follows the instructions of the company owner. The company owner has a power of attorney to act as a director of the company.

Nominee shareholder

Nominee shareholder acts as a shareholder (owner) to give the real owner a high degree of anonymity. The nominee shareholder is listed on official documents – it is thus possible to prove that the company has “shareholders” The company therefore looks more authentic than if it had bearer shares. In reality the nominee shareholder is only an administrator of the shares. His contract does not give him any decision-making rights and he cannot even receive his dividend. The dividend can only be paid to the real owner of the company.

Contact Us

If you want to know more about the formation of an IBC in Seychelles, our team of experts and consultants will be happy to provide you with the advice you require. Contact FINCOR Advisers & Partners, Inc. at email info@offshoreservis.cz.

Fees and charges

Services1st year fee / One time feeAnnual fee
Company formation, local fees, registred office, registred agent, a basic set of company documents with apostille€ 690€ 590
Nominee director (natural person), incl. POA with apostille€ 280€ 280
Nominee shareholder (natural person)€ 200€ 200
Signing of documents by Nominee€ 28
Apostille and Notarial€ 95
Notarial Certification€ 45
Notarial Certification€ 50
Issunace of Additional POA€ 60
Issunace of Additional POA with Apostille€ 160
Courier dispatch services€ 80
Certificate of Good standing € 100
Certificate of Good standing with Apostille € 200
Certificate of Incumbency€ 90
Certificate of Incumbency with Apostille€ 190
Business registry change (change of the director or shareholder)€ 100
Beneficial owner change€ 150
Company dissolution€ 1500