Abrupt cancellation of Leupay accounts (Leopay)

On 22 October 2018, there was a sudden and unannounced cancellation of all personal and company accounts with the Leopay payment system (formerly Leupay). All accounts were terminated and payment cards were blocked for non-EU companies and non-EU owners.

All account owners were informed of this terminationy by email, which states the following:

  • Send a copy of your passport or identity card to hello@leopay.eu, along with the details of which account to transfer the balances of canceled accounts.
  • In the account information we recommend fill the IBAN, SWIFT, the name and the surname of the owner (must be the same as on the ID or the passport), the address of the account owner.
  • Do not forget to include a name of the canceled account holder.

Claims for a refund must be made within 2 months.